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Man. Too. Much. Celebrating. Is there such a thing? No. Yes. Well, maybe sometimes. For someone like me, who likes to stay home and bake bread or go to the movies alone, yes, sometimes it is too much. That doesn't mean it's still not fun. Fun can be had even when you're thinking about sitting in a quiet, dark room.

It's been a very busy spring in my family. When I've not been working - oh or running - we've been marking some sort of occasion.

The last month or so, in pictures:

My sister is expecting her first baby in July. We showered them with gifts and love, and helped them move into a new place - getting ready for this great new adventure. It will be the second wonderful kid in my life who will call me an auntie. I'm so excited. And I think it's a girl.

It's spring. And that means: bees! We moved our bees from well, A to B(bee). Out of their winter hollow and into spring. We were so stoked that they made it through the winter, if not significantly weaker and smaller, they are indeed alive. They have a bit of spring cleaning to do, but they are prepped and ready to get working like the busy bees that they are. 

In other spring news, my seeds are planted and growing strong! The cukes and zucchini will be ready in no time. This is what I love about the season: earth and dirt and fresh vegetables at your fingertips.

I've been to New Orleans and back again. My mom met me down in the Big Easy for a few culturally packed days, NOLA style. We saw some amazing architecture in the Garden District, investigated the New Orleans above-ground cemetery (fascinating!), ate some amazing food, but perhaps most of all, we heard some truly incredible music.  Including this band of misfits we encountered on Frenchman Street, rocking it on the street corner.

This little bugger, the little Silas man, marked one year old on May 5. Hard to believe it's already been a year since he joined are family - the true star of the show. He shares his birthday with his dad...

My brother and his boy, celebrating the day as only they know how, Cinco de Mayo style. This is one fiesta for the books.

And of course, we celebrate...my mom. She has made our family what it is today. She gives above and beyond, always. She would offer the moon to each of her children if she could. She has taught me how to be a better lover, a generous host, and a more gracious human being. Because of my mom, I know that I will always have a home. I know that she will give me her honest opinion, even if I don't really want it. I know that my laundry will be clean and folded, even after I have long forgotten it. I know that there will be a beautiful green salad waiting for me after a really long day, because she knows me best and how much I really do love salad. And I know that I can be me, with all my faults and flaws, and she will still love me, and send me out into the world, knowing she has done her very best.

Cheers to you, all you mothers out there.

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