It's magical

Dear Friends,
Nearly everyday, I ride the El to work, taking the Green Line to the Pink Line, transferring at Ashland. There's nothing glorious about it.  The El can be rather soul-sucking.  But there are two good things I see about it (besides the given sense of community/El-riding camaraderie and obvious environmental benefits):

1. I get to read my book.  This is a lot harder to do when you drive to work.

2. There is a bridge over the El at the Ashland stop.  You have to go up and over in order to transfer lines. This means I am occasionally bolting across the bridge to catch the coming train in time.  But if there's a lapse between trains, I like to meander across the bridge, breathe deep and take in the sights.  Sometimes the view of downtown is breathtaking - the big-shouldered city in all its splendor.  The view in the other direction is notably plainer, more flat, but if you catch the light just right, it's magical.

On my commute home one evening, I caught a flock of birds sweeping in and out of the El station.  It was windy and cold, but I wasn't the only one standing on the bridge, bewitched by their flight.

These quieter moments have become rather valuable.  Breaking into the havoc or rush or monotony of the week's movements.  These birds were one of those soul-feeding moments that I wanted to share with you all. Here's to all things ordinary and exceptional.

(The wind ruined the audio of my video, burying the rush of wings, so I replaced it with one of my favorite musical pieces, Clair de Lune, from Suite Bergamasque. I think it works.)

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