May 5, 2012

Something kind of BIG and GREAT and really quite small happened this week.
Welcome to the world, Silas Aaron.

Isn't he just the best?!  For weeks now, people have been telling me how amazing it is to become an aunt/uncle - that it's incredibly special, unique, and makes you a different kind of you.  I didn't really get it until May 5, 2012.  

Cinco de Mayo Silas, as I like to call him.  And he shares his Mexican style birthday with his dad.  I'm seeing burritos in his future.  My sister brought a huge Mexican flag to decorate the hospital room with.  I think this may have confused the nurses, clearly not in tune with their international holidays.  We ate Chipotle in celebration of the Mexican victory on Cinco de Mayo.  And my brother.  Oh, and baby Silas.

It's amazing.  This new person in the world.  I was at the patisserie Saturday morning, anxiously awaiting the end of my shift so I could race to the hospital to meet the little bugger.  One of our regulars came in, an older man, who usually comes with his wife.     Typically, he settles his wife at the table and orders for them up at the counter.  She was clearly quite ill.  I've watched him speak to her, but she never responded or engaged.  He spoke to her all the same, like any normal conversation.  When he came in on Saturday, he was alone.  After a while he approached me and said he wanted the Sugar Fixe staff to know that his wife had passed away just days ago.  

The Master of the Universe embraces one life and offers another.  The great exchange. The endless ebb and flow of beings.  One man mourns, another rejoices.  

I want to teach Silas what it is to mourn and rejoice together.  With grace and peace, and always, in thanksgiving.


  1. I love this, dear friend. An incredible aunt you already are. Miss you.

  2. Beautiful! Great pictures!

  3. Wow, beautifully written. And congrats on being an aunt: you're right, it's one of the best things ever.

  4. Silas is blessed to have you as his aunt. He has much to learn from you.