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It is incredibly windy in this here Windy City at the moment.  Chicago sure is living up to its name.  It's giving me wild hair, and there are leaves and little helicopter whirlies and all sorts of other bits of spring swirling about the air.  But actually, I love it.  It reminds me of the sea, which makes me think of Cape Town, which reminded me of Chicago, which made me miss home.

Anyway, the presence of the wind also seems to match the essence of my days.  I've been thinking and doing a lot lately.  My days have been full of both movement and rest, much like spring.

- I've been to San Francisco and back again.  More on that later, photos and stories to come.  In a word, it was:  lovely.  
- The bees are here!  We installed our new package of bees on Saturday, all 4,000 of them.  They are busy getting settled and visiting with the Queen.
- I've been thinking a lot about this book I just finished, The Fault in Our Stars.  To say it was amazing feels like an understatement, beautiful seems too generic, and poignant may be too pretentious.  But I loved it.  I'll never forget it.  And I'm thankful to John Green for writing such an amazingly beautiful, poignant and funny book about a girl and a boy.
- I'm really loving on this Gregory Alan Isakov album a friend recommended for my travels.  This Empty Northern Hemisphere.  It's somehow fitting with all this wind and travel and thought.
- My spinach seeds are in the ground, germinating away in the damp soil.  The lettuce and zucchini are growing like mad!  I'm actually worried the zucchini will flower before I can get it in the earth.  This crazy rush of a spring we're having is really confusing our flora.  I hope you're ready to hear about a lot of recipes featuring zucchini.  
- I just started reading Diane Keaton's biography, Then Again.  Her story is fascinating. Here is a gem from her mother's journal that really has me thinking:  Would we hurt each other less if we touched each other more?
- And lastly, I found this image a while back that I was remembering the other day when I saw this flock of birds swooping overhead, far above the horizon.  I think it's rather beautiful.  Remember in Mary Poppins when they all hop into Bert's chalk drawing on the sidewalk?  Well, I'd love to hop into this photograph. 

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