A prayer for today

These days, my prayers are quite simple.  I gave up on prayers peppered with religious jargon long ago.  I don't mind meditating on a written prayer from the Book of Common Prayer - those are tried and true, prayed by thousands of people according to the church calendar, and I like the idea that for a moment, we are all on the same page, whispering the same words.  But lately, my days are full and my thoughts overwhelming, and a conversation with God can turn into an onslaught of frustrations, pleas, questions and queries.  Sometimes I just sit in silence, recognizing the power of presence and the inadequacy of language.

But when silence seems too heavy and conversation too much, I've settled on this lovely little prayer.  It often helps me to have a brief yet poignant prayer to repeat throughout my day.  It keeps me grounded, brings me back to my Creator, and gives my spirit purpose.

Give me neither poverty nor riches, Lord, but bread for today, hope for tomorrow.

I am extremely grateful for life this week.  A friend of mine lost someone they loved quite suddenly and unexpectedly.  The week has been busy and exhausting, but I can't stop thinking about the woman who just never woke up last weekend and the family grieving her loss.  

So I think I will go start a batch of bread.  Maybe with a little rosemary and thyme from the herb garden. Baking bread always brings me back to the present - that yeasty fragrance and soft, elastic dough for my hands to sink into.  I think I am a better version of myself when I am making bread.  It is by grace that I am able.


  1. Wow, I Love that prayer. Thanks for the encouragement through your words. Glad you have something to bring you back to the present. What a wonderful gift to rest in.

    Quick Question: What is your favorite kind of bread to make?

  2. Thanks, Mosi. Glad you can find some encouragement in it.

    Answer: That's tough. I really love making brioche. But sourdough is like a two day process - if you end up with a nice loaf, it's so worth it and such a rich reward.

  3. Cool. Wow, that's a loooong time, I didn't know it takes some breads that long to make. But sourdough is really delicious. And I've never heard of brioche.