Outstanding in the Field

A couple of months ago I came across this amazing project, all thanks to Afar magazine - a travel magazine that's more about experience and adventure than tour groups and site-seeing.  There was a short little article and image printed in the very back of the last issue, something you might just pass over in flipping.  The image went something like this:

Amazing, right?!  So beautiful.

You already know how I feel about tables, how they are a symbol - better yet, an instrument - of community.  So imagine my excitement in discovering this table/eating initiative imagined by artist Jim Denevan and the rest of the Outstanding in the Field crew.  They (that is, cooks, servers, coordinators, etc.) travel around the country in an old restored tour bus hosting dinners at tables extended across fields, vineyards, beaches, forests, and barns.  At each dining stop-off, local chefs prepare a meal from all local ingredients - fresh picked/harvested fruit, veg, meat, dairy - essentially from the very field or farm guests dine in.  Bringing "farm-to-table cooking back to the source."

I love that.  
It's about food and wine and community and finding joy in knowing the source, knowing the people behind what we're eating - how our lives impact one another and how eating, community, and influence are inseparable.

I wish I could eat like that everyday.  I think if I were going to have a wedding, dinner party, or even a Sunday brunch, I would want it to feel like this:

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