Busy Bees

The bees have been very busy since we last checked on them.  We went out last week to put in some more frames for them to keep building comb, nurturing larvae, and making honey - and it would seem they've been doing that, frames or not.  I guess bees will be bees and they keep doing their bee thing with or without us.  I love that.  It shows how incredibly smart and talented and committed they are, and also, how incredibly natural this whole beekeeping thing is.  We unfortunately had to remove the sculpturesque comb they had been building (which is sure to be featured at the Met) in order to put in the frames they should be building comb on (we need the frames in order to harvest the honey).  I think my beekeeping buddy shed a few tears as he tore away their work of art. What do mom's call that?  Oh yeah, tough love.  Regardless, it allowed us to see the bees in their element, doing what they love, what they do best.  And I think maybe it reminded us that we are simply "keepers" - we are not bees.  Nor are we truly owners or masters. Also, if this isn't a testimony to a Creator, I don't know what is.

How cool is that.

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